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Ukrainian fashion brands to support

Almost two months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, marking the first European war since World War II.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to invade the country, killing hundreds of civilians and forcing millions of Ukrainians from their homes, anti-war protests and charity initiatives have sprung up around the world. Besides staying informed and donating to anti-war causes, buying from Ukrainian-owned businesses is another way to show support for the country.

A recently launched website, Palianytsia, has compiled a master list of Ukrainian fashion brands to buy from.

The site explains: “Since the large-scale invasion of Russia on February 24, many fashion businesses have temporarily ceased to operate. People find themselves without jobs (and some without homes), trying to survive the war.

“How can you help as a foreigner? Buy Ukrainian products and benefit from the economy. You get clothes, brands give workers a salary and pay taxes. As simple as that.”

From streetwear to jewelry to lingerie, there’s a brand for everyone. Some of these brands even donate part of their revenue to the Ukrainian army, while providing soldiers with warm clothes and knitwear.

As for the name of the site, “palianytsia” is a type of traditional Ukrainian bread. Since the invasion of Russia, the term has also become a code word to identify Russian soldiers and saboteurs (Russian speakers pronounce “palianytsia” differently than natives).

If you’re looking for more ways to support Ukraine, be sure to check out our guide to protests and nonprofits getting involved in anti-war efforts.