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Top fashion brands celebrate tiger-themed capsule collections – The UBJ – United Business Journal

There are a handful of luxury companies that have embraced this mighty year ahead by offering Tiger-themed capsule collections that take the phrase “to wear on your sleeve” to a whole new level. Some of the best-known fashion designers have looked into this historic custom and come up with their own interpretations.

While it’s not entirely surprising, Jeremy Scott’s take on the Year of the Tiger is. Italian fashion house Fendi has created a colorful capsule collection incorporating Tony the Tiger, the iconic symbol of the company’s childhood meal. With oversized shirts, sets of sweatpants and denim jackets, these 16 pieces of ready-to-wear and accessories interpret the popular image in different ways. It’s a unique take on the event that really takes aim at the violent side of this zodiac.

The tiger has been perfectly integrated into the creations of the British fashion industry. A new version of the TB Monogram pattern has been created for this occasion, with bright orange B patterns adorning the design in a beige tone. Even the Burberry Heritage Trench got a makeover with the reimagined pattern. Several items, including the house’s iconic Lola and Olympia handbags, incorporate tiger stripes to accompany the brand’s new look. Feng Li, a famous Chinese fashion photographer, photographed the advertising campaign for the collection, which features Chinese models.

The Balenciaga collection is dominated by tigers, a nod to the New Year’s promise of boldness and bravery. 57 pieces of clothing, from sweaters and skirts to slides and fluffy socks, are included in the collection. Additionally, she unveiled a new tiger symbol to mark her items, adding to the festive mood.

A fresh take on the brand was attempted by Gucci, which combined its distinctive interlocking G logo with numerous variations of the striped cat breed printed on a variety of styles. Vittorio Accornero, the artist who designed the famous flora design for the mansion, had a major influence on this collection. Alessandro Michele’s campaign features models posing casually next to real tigers in a retro-style hotel while wearing clothes from the bold collection. Michele’s collection includes signature Gucci styles, such as silk shoes, bags and accessories, as well as sweaters, jeans and dresses, all of which can be purchased at pop-up stores around the world dedicated to the brand.

Prada’s interpretation of the Lunar New Year, while not exclusively tiger-centric, included a collection, campaign and a host of activities aimed at raising awareness of the plight of the tiger. Art students were invited to submit their own interpretations of the four-legged companion as part of the luxury house’s campaign with Li Yifeng and Chun Xia. A few of the competitors in the global competition will be included in future projects scheduled for 2022. Additionally, the China Green Foundation announced a donation to the Walking with Tiger and Leopard program, which aims to raise awareness of tiger conservation by educating adults. public.