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words Alexa Wang

Elevate your style by investing in the right accessories. Traditional menswear incorporates on-trend pieces that never go out of style. Our styling experts will help you look your best even if you don’t see yourself as fashion forward. We’ve picked out a few style essentials that are absolute must-haves for your wardrobe.

Check out our top ten picks of essential fashion accessories for men.

Leather wallets

What you carry in your pocket says a lot about your tastes. A quality leather wallet offers more than its basic functionality. Choose a slim design to avoid unflattering bulge pockets.

The wallets are available in different sizes, designs and colors. Classic wallet colors include black, brown, and oxblood. Some popular men’s wallet styles include:

  • Folding
  • Threefold
  • Plugged
  • Zipper
  • card holder

Dress Watches

Watches serve as high-end fashion accessories for any look. Go for a dress watch and flaunt your sense of style every time you dress up. The right watch catches the eye if paired with the right outfit.

Consider choosing a silver or gold dress watch with a white dial or sub-dial. Depending on your preferences, you will have to choose a watch with a metal strap or leather straps.

Sun glasses

Give a finishing touch to any outfit by wear a pair of sunglasses. Before purchasing your eye accessory, consider your face shape to determine the best frame for your features. We recommend:

  • Rectangular frames for round faces
  • Triangle Aviators for Oval Faces
  • Curved Wayfarers for Square Faces
Men's fashion accessories

Rayban is almost always the way to go.

Dress Socks

Create a preppy look by pairing dress socks with brogues, oxfords or loafers. These wardrobe staples differ from regular socks due to their thinness. You can keep a collection in different colors.

At least you should own classic black, brown, gray and navy blue pairs.

bonange has a nice Amazon store where you can find a wide variety of dress socks at great prices.

Trendy shoes

Complete the rest of your ensemble by investing in on-trend footwear. The shoe represents one of the key elements of men’s fashion. Achieve the distinctive style of a gentleman with oxfords, oxfords or derby shoes.

You can also complete any casual outfit with a pair of white sneakers. If you prefer the avant-garde aesthetic, opt for leather ankle boots, with or without laces.


We understand that not all men feel comfortable wearing rings except for a wedding band. However, if you’re ready to accessorize your minimalist style, a simple black, gold or silver band will do the trick.

For men who love jewelry, we suggest avoiding mixing silver and gold. Our experts recommend:

  • Silver and platinum rings for cool skin tones
  • Gold and rose gold rings for warm skin


Appear more stylish by embracing a rising trend in men’s jewelry: chains.

Chain necklaces are available in a variety of styles and sizes. You can wear chains with or without pendants. If you’re considering buying your first chain, choose a short, thin chain for a subtle look. Some of the classic chain styles include:

  • Box
  • Sidewalk
  • Figaro
  • rollo
  • Rope
  • Wheat

Black and brown leather belts

Upgrade your outfit with quality leather belts. These simple utilitarian items complement all types of formal and casual outfits. When you dress for a formal event, match your shoes and belt. As a fashion rule, every man’s wardrobe should include a black belt and a brown belt.

Briefcases and sports bags in leather

Take stylish sophistication wherever you go by investing in a leather travel bag, weekend bag or leather briefcase. Not only is it practical for short trips, but it also adds considerable style. We love the duffel bag for its utility. Weekend bags are at the top of the list of modern gentleman’s travel bags and are available in different designs, colors and sizes.

Carl Friedrik’s leather briefcases have been the talk of the town lately, and no wonder! They are made from the finest materials, come in stylish yet versatile colors and are exquisitely crafted. Check them!

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Complete your casual or chic outfit with a hat. Choosing the right hat can be a bit tricky. Revive the classic Hollywood glamor with a fedora, or complete your sporty look with a baseball cap.

Depending on your style preferences, you can try hats like:

  • Felt
  • Panama
  • Bucket
  • pork pie
  • Derby
  • bowler


Make a fashion statement with trendy men’s accessories. Why invest in accessories? Wearing accessories not only boosts your confidence, but sets you apart from the other men in the room.

Whether you’re planning to travel, attend a business meeting, or enjoy a night out, you can have a little more style with men’s accessories!