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Snap Fashion website launches tool to track clothing on sale

Never miss a great deal again: Fashion website launches online tool and app to track clothes as they go on sale

A fashion website has launched a new tool that lets shoppers know when a garment is going down.

Snap Fashion allows users to search for clothes using an image rather than keywords. Once the item is uploaded to the website, users can save it to their “wishlist” and then they are alerted when the price drops.

Users can search over a million clothing and accessories from 170 big box retailers, including Topshop, New Look, and Urban Outfitters.

Track sales: The Snap Fashion website allows you to save clothes to your wishlist and alert you when their price drops.

A spokesperson said 100,000 active users were already using the website. If users can’t find the dress, shirt, or shoes they want on Snap Fashion, they can also use the website to find “like” items.

Once an image is uploaded to the website, it searches its database to suggest items that could be similar in shape, color or pattern.


The first step: Find the garment you want to track
Second step : Take a photo (in store or in a magazine) or upload the image URL to Snap Fashion
Third step: Find the garment on Snap Fashion and save it to your “wishlist”
Fourth step: Snap Fashion will alert you by email (or push notification if you have the iPhone app) if the price of the garment drops.

It also has a free iPhone app, which means street shoppers can snap a photo of an item of clothing in-store and find similar styles or save it to their “wishlist” to track the price.

The website makes money through affiliate links, which means that every time a customer clicks to purchase an item, they receive money – usually a percentage of the sale – from the retailer for it. ” move towards personalization.

The website was created by Jenny Griffiths, a 26-year-old computer science graduate.

She developed the algorithms behind the website, allowing users to search for fashion images, as part of her work for her final year degree at the University of Bristol.

Since its launch, it has won numerous awards including the Cisco British Innovation Gateway Awards 2012, Decoded Fashion 2012 and Jenny was named the Future 50 winner by Real Business Magazine.


Download: The website allows you to search for clothes with a picture rather than words.

Download: The website allows you to search for clothes with a picture rather than words.

Tara Evans of This is Money says:

It’s a great idea and the website looks good and easy to use – but there are a few awkward features that need to be tidied up.

For example, there should be a shortcut so you can download and add an item to your Wish List directly, instead of having to sift through designs.

Also, when you upload an image you have to ‘draw’ the outline – so they can match it to a similar shape – and that can be quite tedious and time consuming.

I’m sure they will add more retailers as they become a bigger business, but right now you’re limited to certain stores and that means you might run out of other items on sale.

It would also be nice if you could track the same garment in different stores – for example, if department stores sell the same brand. And you can only follow the prices online, so you should always be on your way to grab a bargain in the store.

I’m interested to see how the website develops and grows: aAnd I’d love to know what you think of that, too – let me know in the comments section below.


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