Fashion brands

Proudly wearing Filipino fashion brands

One of the things that define our personality is our clothes. It’s good then that we can proudly show off our culture because the Philippines has no shortage of talented and creative designers in the fashion industry.

Most of Anika’s clothes have a warm tone reminiscent of sunny vacations.

These designers have strived to ensure that Filipino fashion is no less than its foreign counterparts. Some local brands available to us today boast of durability or handcrafted designs that make a great addition to any look and wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a brand that values ​​the environment and ethical practices, look no further than Munimuni. He prides himself on his handmade clothes and accessories from native biodegradable materials like abaca, raffia and banana. It was designed with true conscious consumer intent in a fast-paced retail world.

Many of their pieces are crafted with cool, earthy tones that accentuate the natural beauty of the Philippines while giving off island vibes. The garments are also lightweight yet stylish to allow for comfort and mobility in Filipino weather.

In addition to creating durable yet fashionable pieces, Munimuni is also passionate about providing livelihood opportunities for members of rural communities across the country, allowing local artisans to demonstrate their skills in making quality garments from sustainable materials found in the Philippines.

Speaking of local materials, another brand that proudly uses Philippine silk, weavings and wood carvings to make shoes is Risqué Designs. The brand was founded by Tal de Guzman, who started Risqué Designs as a part-time business, into a full-fledged design and manufacturing business located in Marikina, the footwear capital of the Philippines.

Vivid digital prints are at the heart of Bea Samson’s designs.

The materials create a perfect blend of sturdiness and style that Filipinos can wear to almost any event. Risqué Designs is not afraid to use bold patterns, bright colors and play with different shapes to create unique designs. The shoes are also handcrafted by some of the best local artisans who know the craft.

When it comes to minimalist yet chic designs, Anika is the local brand to turn to. It was created by Anika Martinez, an alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California. She was inspired to create timeless and versatile clothing while reducing the amount of waste in the environment from the fashion industry.

Anika makes her clothes from recycled fabrics and with sunny holidays in mind. Lightweight materials paired with loose shapes and warm tones bring a positive vibe every time it’s worn.

In the meantime, check out Bea Samson’s brand if modern fashion is more to your liking. In addition to using fashionable designs, the designer confidently uses digital prints, bright colors, three-dimensional shapes and a variety of textures to delight lovers of contemporary fashion.

The pieces are made to order and consist of unique pieces like coats, dresses, t-shirts and sweaters.

A Munimuni dress perfect for the tropical climate of the Philippines.

The Filipino fashion scene has come a long way over the years with the help of established and emerging designers. Yet even though these designers have adapted to modern trends, they have retained their Filipino roots by using raw materials native to the Philippines, working with local artisans and translating their proud culture into their design, giving Filipinos the opportunity to make their way in the world. fashion industry.