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Omicron COVID Mask Update: 10 Fashion Brands You Didn’t Know Are Selling Face Masks

There are many beloved fashion brands offering masks for sale including Brooks Brothers, Lele Sadoughi (pictured) and more.

Lele sadoughi

With infection rates on the rise again, you may be looking for new face masks to protect yourself against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. the CDC says that vaccination is the best measure the public can take to protect themselves against serious disease and slow the emergence of new variants. But, notes the agency, “the masks offer protection against all variants.”

But, of course, not all masks are created equal. the CDC recommends face masks that have multiple layers of material. For additional protection, a disposable mask under a fabric mask is recommended (double masking). Wash your sheet masks between uses and make sure you only wear disposable masks once. The CDC does not recommend single-layer masks and masks that do not fit properly in the mouth and nose.

For optimal protection, consider using an N95 face mask.

Fortunately, many fashion brands now sell face masks that match the bill, offering multiple layers of protection and pockets for disposable filters. Gone are the days when harsh looking disposable paper masks were the only option. Coming up are some of the most awesome and impactful face masks from designer brands and under the radar, ranging from small budgets to big splits you can hide yourself in.

Polo Ralph Lauren filter mask

Polo filter mask

Ralph Lauren polo shirt

This washable and reusable face mask by Polo Ralph Lauren has a built-in insert for a high filtration filter and is made with multiple layers, including an antimicrobial treated polyester shell and cotton inner lining. The earrings and nose bridge are adjustable for a personalized and comfortable fit.

Polo Ralph Lauren Filter Mask, $ 30

Joanna Czech Skincare Reusable Face Mask

Joanna Czech Skincare Reusable Face Mask

Joanna Czech Skin Care

This face cover from luxury skincare brand Joanna Czech comes with adjustable shoulder straps and an integrated filter pocket.

Joanna Czech Skincare Reusable Face Mask, $ 24 and up

Magic linen face masks


Magic Linen

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, put Magic Linen on the map when she wore one of the brand’s straight dresses at an event in 2020. a face mask Constructed from the same high quality linen, which features an insertion slot for a filter for extra protection. They can be purchased a la carte and as a set, all currently at half price. (The brand recommends that you use this mask with a medical grade mask inside.)

Magic Linen Facial Mask, $ 6 (was $ 12)

Set of five Magic Linen masks, $ 26 (was $ 52)

Enro face mask



You might not have Enro on your radar, but be aware of this: Protective, breathable, durable and comfortable masks have amassed a celebrity fan base including Kaia Gerber, Emma Roberts and Katherine Schwarzenegger. Each mask has three layers, a PM0.1 filter and an exclusive manufacturing 40% more breathable than cotton. Available in sizes XXS to L.

Enro face masks, $ 16 and more

Vida silk mask



Made with a 100% silk lining on the inside and an outer layer of high density natural cotton, this moisture-wicking and refreshing face mask de Vida exudes understated luxury. Washable and reusable, it also includes a filter bag and comes in five colors to choose from.

Vida silk mask, $ 15

Lele Sadoughi masks


Lele sadoughi

Popular for her ornate headbands and hair accessories, designer Lele Sadoughi’s face masks are equally eye-catching. Two-layer masks feature a filter bag and are available in a wide range of designs, from casual throws at black tie with pearls glam.

Lele Sadoughi face masks, $ 20 and more

Brooks Brothers


Brooks Brothers

Need a refined and sophisticated mask to accompany a suit and tie? Brooks Brothers offers a bunch of professional looking options, all inspired by men’s dress shirts. They have integrated filter pockets.

Brooks Brothers, $ 11 (was $ 15)

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