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Men’s fashion accessories: Top 5 pieces invading Instagram in 2021 (so far)

It’s no secret that whatever Yeezy drops is a hit among the hypebeasts and instantly sold out. And the story wasn’t that different in the case of these slides either. The toothed sole pair continues to be a huge hit on Instagram and is almost unavailable everywhere you look unless you want to get your hands on them from a dealer for a much higher price. From 5,000

3. Louis Vuitton distorted sunglasses

Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses have always been the one stop shop to make any outfit stylish, instantly. Whether it’s the color of the frame or the assertive silhouette, they play a major role and make everyone on the street spend two seconds on you. And those distorted sunglasses from the Spring / Summer 21 show just promise it. Price on request

4. Dior Homme bag

Dior Men

Not really a 2021 release, but the saddle bag, especially in the Dior Oblique jacquard version, continues to reign supreme in the crossbody bag family and will likely continue to reign supreme for some time. The unique shape and pattern are instantly recognizable and we’re sure you’ve already seen your favorite style icons rocking them all over the world. Price on request

5. Bottega Veneta chunky tire – soled boots

You have to scroll through the ‘Gram too fast if you are seeing these boots for the first time. Launched some time ago, these boots have undergone an upgrade in 2021 by being available in multiple heel colors. With Bottega green being heralded as the color of the year, we couldn’t help but recommend this ultra-chic pair of ankle boots. ₹ 1,13,750


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