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A fashion brand can become iconic for several reasons. It could introduce a radical new design, like Alexander McQueen’s dresses with wings. It could have lasted for decades, like Chanel, Gucci or Yves St. Laurent. It could have been associated with a place that is remembered well in time, like the pillbox Halston designed for Jackie Kennedy.

Whether it’s the little black dress, hippie-chic or parachute pants, fashion has influenced culture and figures prominently in our memories of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. . Some of the brands that brought us these styles have passed, but for the most part they are remembered fondly. (But these are fashion trends that only 90s kids will remember..)

To find iconic fashion brands that no longer exist, 24/7 Tempo gleaned information from sources such as the fashion encyclopediafashion industry media, including WWD, and several financial and general interest sites. Although some items under the brand name can still be purchased, the list focused on companies that no longer manufacture products under their name.

According to Fashion Insiders & Co., fashion brands often fail because they make poor manufacturing choices. They also negotiate manufacturing prices without a clear understanding of operating margins and profit margins. And they commit to large minimum order quantities without a proven plan to sell merchandise quickly, resulting in overstocking. Overstocking frequently occurs in boom times, when success clouds judgment. (Fashion and others, these are famous brands that will disappear in 2022.)

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The capricious tastes of teenagers have spelled the end of brands such as Delia’s and Merry-Go-Round. For the plus-size Avenue retailer, a drop in foot traffic hastened its demise. The advent of e-commerce, which was a factor in the downfall of The Limited, is of course linked to this. All of these stores were mall staples, and malls were negatively affected by online shopping.

Other brands faded into the mists of fashion history when their visionary founders – such as Claire McCardell and Jacques Fath – died just as their brands were taking off.