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How fashion brands are using Roblox obbys to get in front of gamers

By establishing a presence within an “obby” or obstacle course in Roblox, brands like Rebecca Minkoff have been able to leverage games that receive millions of hits on the platform.

For the Rebecca Minkoff High Heel Obby, launched in early April and created by design group Pink Butterfly Studio, users walk across a multicolored platform in high heels that grow every twenty levels. High Heel Obby, which premiered on Roblox last December, has had nearly 40 million views according to Roblox. Users could enter a Rebecca Minkoff virtual store as part of the brand’s takeover for two weeks and try on virtual handbags and boots.

For Rebecca Minkoff, partnering with creator studios Dubit and Pink Butterfly Studio on an obstacle course enabled an engaging shopping experience, where higher-level users were rewarded with access to the Rebecca Minkoff store. On average, the brand saw 20,000 players per day playing the game, with very high engagement, compared to other Roblox obbys, of eight minutes daily per user. Pink Butterfly Studio shared that players liked some products from the collection, which were sold as a digital mode. They included the Siena Flame Over The Knee heeled boots, which consumers can buy today in physical form.

“We continue to dig deeper into the metaverse and enter the gaming arena because we know growth, especially among women, is explosive,” Minkoff said. “We still want to test how to catch the attention of younger audiences, because soon they will have money and hopefully they will want to spend it on us.” Working with Leeds UK-based game development company Dubit, as well as other Roblox developers, Rebecca Minkoff chose to venture into High Heel Obby as it focuses on purchases and accessories. .

“They felt that to make our accessories and virtual store shine in the short time we had, it was the right choice. We chose the items and offered incentives [to advance in the game] and $5,000 prize money,” she said. “We wanted to choose a game that has a large female audience, because some of these games don’t necessarily have that.”

The brand’s main priority in the metaverse has been to develop a consistent and increasingly deep relationship between its core customer and its digital apparel, where customers can take ownership and wear it in the future. “As we see our clothes come into play, we also see them end up going over Zooms. We’re looking at how we can increase the usefulness of all the NFTs we offer, to give him a full experience. She should be able to wear heels and play in them, run in them and jump in them.

Other brands, like Nike and Forever 21 have also launched obby experiences in Roblox. Nike launched a Pachinko obby within Nikeland in February, and in December last year, Forever21 launched an obby where users can experience running their own store. However, these activations did not come without critical. The obby, or obstacle course, has also been criticized by regular Roblox users for its lack of storylines and repetitive gameplay motions, such as jumping from block to block.