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Source: Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc.

New York, NY /February 1, 2022/Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc.. (NASDAQ: WINE), a company that includes a growing collection of e-commerce platforms with a focus on fine wines, luxury real estate and leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories and home décor (the “Company” or “Gaucho Holdings”), welcomes a new design director Lautaro Garcia de la Pena. An exciting addition to the team of young Argentinian design talent, including Carmen Vils and Guido Spangenbergde la Peña will play a key role in leading Gaucho’s creative team and is the lead designer behind Gaucho’s first jewelry collection, which is set to launch later this year.

De la Peña will lead the helm during Gaucho–Buenos Aires‘ F/W 2022 collection show at New York Fashion Week, produced by Track 7to be held on Friday, February 11 at Sony Hall.

“I believe good design is the art of mixing small things to create a nuanced whole,” says the 29-year-old Buenos Aires-born multi-hyphen, Bellas Artes architecture graduate and account producer. of electronic music. , model and jewelry designer among her many talents. De la Peña divides his time between Barcelona, ​​Miami and New York.

“We are very pleased to welcome Lautaro to the Gaucho team. His can-do attitude and creative spirit are genuine parts of ‘Gaucho’s DNA,'” said Scott Mathis, Founder and Chairman of Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. “Lautaro’s artistic vision and blends perfectly with Gaucho – Buenos Aires. We look forward to great things from our team of Lautaro, Carmen and Guido, who each bring a distinct perspective and a huge amount of vision and talent.”

About Gaucho — Buenos Aires

Gaucho – Buenos Aires is a fashion brand inspired by a modern interpretation of the inimitable spirit of the gaucho – the legendary Argentine wanderer and adventurer who embraced life with boldness and confidence. Gaucho – Buenos Aires leather goods, accessories, ready-to-wear and home decor are made for dynamic global citizens, those who live authentically and freely and explore the modern world with passion and curiosity. Our styles are made to last, with timeless essentials and an unparalleled dedication to quality. Each handcrafted piece combines Argentina’s heritage – with its handcrafted skills passed down from generation to generation and the finest local materials – with a modern, cosmopolitan style designed to fit its life. The result is unique, unforgettable and authentically individual pieces – the best designer brand in Buenos Aires. Gaucho – Buenos Aires is part of Gaucho Group Holdings, Inc. (, which creates luxury experiences, properties and products that celebrate Argentina’s vibrant and distinctive lifestyle.

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