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From traditional weavings to pastel dresses: Insta fashion brands ring with Deepavali style

With Deepavali 2021 just around the corner, several popular female-led fashion brands on Instagram have rolled out exclusive collections and festival offerings.

Decorating homes with lights and festive decor, preparing an elaborate menu that includes all types of delicacies from sweet to savory, and walking the alleys of bustling markets and malls, shopping for outfits – there are many Deepavali traditions that we cherish deeply. With Deepavali 2021 just around the corner, people are getting ready for the Festival of Lights again with their long to-do lists. With online brands, last-minute shoppers can save a lot of time by finding ways to amplify their party fashion. Online shopping is also helpful for people trying to avoid crowds due to the coronavirus pandemic. While popular e-commerce sites have launched festival offerings, female-led fashion brands on platforms like Instagram have also rolled out exclusive collections for Deepavali.

Trayee, which was co-founded by IT professionals turned entrepreneurs Priyadarshini Chandrasekhar and Nalini Yanamandala in 2015, offers ethnic clothing in bright colors and traditional patterns as part of their festival collection. Nalini, the co-founder of Trayee, notes that fabrics like cotton silk and cotton have been used, knowing that they are more suited to the climate of southern India. The 16 exclusive styles launched as part of the festival collection include maxi dresses, anarkalis and sets in vibrant shades.

Speaking to TNM, Nalini explains how the special Deepavali designs keep the spirit of festival celebration but are also simple and elegant, with delicate details. “People prefer to wear dresses and decorative clothes during festivals, but many of them are also hesitant to buy clothes that they cannot reuse. This is the reason why we used cotton blend fabrics like silk cotton, ”explains Nalini.

The brand is a relief for customers who are fed up with not finding clothes that include the size. In an effort to make clothing accessible to all body types, Trayee’s designs are available in all sizes. “We started by buying and selling clothes from other brands first, but then we started organizing fabrics and designing them. We have an in-house sewing unit, which offers personalized clothing in addition to ready-made pieces. Most customers send their measurements online or some send a sample dress by mail, ”Nalini shares. She also adds that the outfits are also suitable for nursing. The clothes launched as part of the Deepavali collection are priced between 2,800 and 3,400 rupees.

Description: Images of a silk and cotton butta dress on the left, pink coordinates in the center and a traditional dress on the right.
Image Credit: Trayee

As much as people love to wear vibrant, fully embellished clothing during festivals, many have also switched to calming pastel hues, floral lehengas, and printed ensembles in recent times. Shamini Radhamani, a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, founder of clothing brand Niram Studio, told TNM that his festival collection combines traditional, fusion and modern.

“Our usual collection is cotton-based but for the festival collection we have chosen fabrics such as Tussar, Georgette, Organza and Muslin. Dresses that have volume and allow you to twirl are widely admired, ”shares Shamini. Founded in 2020, Niram’s outfits are also available on six to seven multi-designer platforms. Speaking further about the Deepavali collection, Shamini says that they have launched five exclusive models in two or three colors. The price range is between Rs 3,850 and 4,250. Niram offers free shipping for all orders in India.

Description: Dress made from a printed Batik Chiffon fabric and embroidered sequins.
Image credit: Niram Studio

Description: Pastel dress which is part of the Deepavali collection by Niram Studio. Image source: Studio Niram

For people who prefer to complete their festive look with traditional weaves and trendy jewelry without burning their pockets, Nayaki Boutique has a lot to offer. The six and nine yard sarees have been bestsellers for months. But he is best known for his traditional jewelry. “We launched six exclusive designs as part of the festival collection. We have associated our jewelry with the saris of this Deepavali ”, explains Suguna Krishnamurthy, founder of Nayaki Boutique. The combos are priced between Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000. A 5% festival offer has also been deployed. Suguna, who designs the jewelry, says, “We are planning to launch a Ramayana themed antique jewelry set, this Deepavali. It is currently under construction. It is in preparation in Thanjavur. We hope to get it in time for Deepavali.

The benefits of shopping online

Entrepreneurs are observing that the number of online fashion brands has grown exponentially after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Suguna points out that nearly 10% of his customers have turned to fashion merchandising in the past year. While fashion brands find it difficult to constantly compete with new companies that have entered the market, it also keeps them on their toes, Suguna explains.

“This kind of competition pushes us to launch more exclusive designs and improve our service,” she adds. Speaking on similar lines, Shamini says, “The one thing that has remained consistent despite the competition is that customers come back to our brand if they like the quality of product and service. “

Are customers still hesitant to switch to online shopping and buy on Instagram? Some customers still have reservations about shopping on Instagram. Unlike point-of-sale and physical stores, buyers are responsible for understanding the options available before making their choice. However, this has also been a boon during the pandemic, as shoppers can avoid the crowds and shop from the comfort of their own homes. The exchange or return of outfits has also become easier.

But the biggest benefit of shopping online has to be the fact that Instagram-based businesses provide room for customizations. If one wishes to look for more colors for an outfit, the same design in a different fabric, or perhaps add or remove features from the outfit, outlets do not offer the option of customization. Online brands, however, incorporate ideas put forward by customers into their designs.

With colorful, themed party outfits having become popular lately, several brands are also offering customizations and themed pieces for the whole family. Although Trayee and Niram do not offer men’s and children’s clothing, bespoke outfits are available to customers upon request. Fashion brand founders point out that many customers have shown more interest in themed clothing for the whole family over the past year. Without forgetting the four-legged members of the family; some of the combined outfits also include pet clothing or accessories. “We personalized a bow and a pet outfit,” says Shamini. However, she adds that since color-coordinated or themed outfits take longer than regular pieces that are part of the festival’s collection, they expect customers to place orders in advance.

Description: An image of siblings wearing themed outfits on the left and an image of father and son wearing
themed shirts on the right. Image Credit: Trayee

Description: Image of pet parent and dog wearing color-matched dress / accessory in
same fabric. Image Credit: Niram Studio

A number of other clothing and jewelry brands on Instagram such as Mogra Designs, Jugalbandi, Kerala Temple Jewelery, Shop Anicha and Athira Designs are popular among buyers.

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