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Former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ Fashion Website ‘Reinvention’ Draws Criticism Online

Many internet users are now raging after a fashion shoot who was inspired by the former first lady of the Philippines and outgoing Ilocos Norte MP Imelda Marcos appeared on a local fashion website called

Photos and videos from the set featuring actress Bianca Umali have been posted on StairsAlmost two weeks ago, most internet users only found out about it yesterday after several people posted it on Twitter.

Imelda, the wife of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, is known for her lavish lifestyle, as evidenced by her infamous collection of designer shoes which is said to have includes more than 1000 pairs. She remains controversial today, especially after being convicted of corruption in November. However, she is currently free after posting a deposit. Her husband’s 21-year-old rule is also remembered by many for her numerous human rights violations and massive Corruption.

The Marcos family was accused of historical revisionism because of the way they present President Marcos’ reign as a period of prosperity.

On its website, Stairs called the mode function a “reimagination” of Imelda, who has been described as a style icon.

“I have to be honest: I’ve had mixed reviews on this. Some people thought it was a huge risk; the idea of ​​romanticizing excess, they warned, may offend readers. Others thought it was a bold move whose time was right, ”wrote the magazine’s editor.

Bianca Umali’s photo on Stairsthe Instagram account of. Photo: Screenshot from

They decided to go ahead with the idea, believing their website needed a “different perspective” on fashion and lifestyle.

“I think anything new is going to be a little weird, weird, and uncomfortable, like putting on a new pair of shoes for the very first time,” she wrote. “It’s not the most comfortable feeling, but girl, you know you look ripped off. But it’s irrelevant. I believe this is the future, that we are the future. .

But criticism has come for the fashion website, with netizens flooding social media with negative comments.

Dwayne.jpg wrote that it’s not crazy that Stairs was to “romanticize excess”. What angered him was the editors’ decision to ignore the story altogether.

The photo of Bianca Umali on Stail's Instagram account.  Photo: Screenshot from
Photo: Screenshot from

Elgingbm3 was equally upset and wrote: “Is ‘reimagining’ the sanitized word you are using instead of ‘historical review’?”

The user also used the hashtag #ImeldaIselda (“Put Imelda in prison”).

Photo: Screenshot from
Photo: Screenshot from

Many people on Twitter are also critical of the fashion shoot.

@sosyolohija wrote: “Imelda’s ‘impeccable taste in style’ is made possible by spending the money she OWNS the Filipino people. To praise his style without condemning his billions of lootings is an act of ignorance that fosters corruption and historical oblivion.

@patchvalena wrote: “It’s not just about romanticizing ‘excess’. Nor is it a daring, limit-pushing artistic venture for hire. It is the glorification of an unreasonable and disgusting extravaganza bought with the lives and freedoms of the Filipino people. “

Coconut Manila reached out to Stairs, but they have yet to respond at the time of writing.

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