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Fashion brands take a democratizing approach to technology

There’s a hot new acronym circulating this week, and it’s not NYFW. It’s NFT.

Non-fungible tokens, more often referred to as NFT, took center stage at Rebecca Minkoff’s NYFW showcase on Friday. They came in the form of a 15-piece NFT drop featuring clothing and accessories from the designer’s latest fashion collection. Ten of the NFTs were photos of models in outfits, and five were “digital clothes” – or virtual 3D renderings of clothes that can ultimately be used on avatars in a number of future. metaverse. Yahoo was the event’s official innovation partner.

Notably, Rebecca Minkoff was also celebrating her 20th birthday. The show’s theme, “I Love New York,” was a throwback to the shirts the brand first presented to NYFW on September 10, 2001. After the September 11 terrorist attack, Minkoff sold the shirts, the profits being donated to the Red Traverser. Profits from the NFT will also be donated to the Female Founders Collective. The NFT auction ends Sunday at 5 p.m. ET.

“The collection was really inspired by that [experience]Minkoff said. “New York is tough and tough, and my brand is known for [incorporating] chains, nails and zippers. So I combine these elements.

Minkoff is set to dress surreal makeup artist Mimi Choi (@mimles, 1.6 million Instagram followers) for a metaverse Met Gala, which takes place on September 17 during Crypto Fashion Week.

In 2019, another Met Gala metaverse happened on the IMVU metaverse, where users create avatars and dress them up in clothes designed by other users. Coins can be purchased with credits which are paid for with real money. IMVU’s virtual store offers 50 million items created by more than 200,000 designers. Fourteen billion credits, or $ 14 million, are exchanged through more than 27 million transactions each month. According to the company, its users increased by 44% during the pandemic, and it now has 7 million monthly active users. Most of them are women or self-identifying women and are between the ages of 18-24.

“If you see the metaverse as a means for brands [to distribute themselves]whether it’s advertising or marketing, you’re going to see it become more valuable, especially with the increase in the number of women playing these video games, ”Minkoff said.

Yahoo has also partnered with the Christian Cowen brand, which will be holding its in-person show on Friday night. Instead of limiting himself to the designer’s clothes previewed on the catwalk, Christian Cowan will take center stage in the form of a photorealistic hologram through a series of QR codes. The idea is to give people an intimate and personal experience with the designer.

“The ability to bring all of our subscribers who are at home into the collection and the runway in such an intimate way is really special,” said Christian Cowan. “And allowing our clients to deepen [visibility to] the parts they get add so much to the retail experience.

Overall, technology has continued to support NYFW over the past several years. Luxury women’s ready-to-wear brand Sergio Hudson partnered with Pinterest and released their collection virtually on the platform Thursday night. NYFW, as a whole, is sponsored by Afterpay, a payments-focused technology company dedicated to making big-ticket items more affordable. The overall use of technology as a democratizer this season, whether through NFTs and the Metaverse or new access to a designer, is a notable development for the industry event, which was previously sponsored by Mercedes. -Benz and Lexus.

Meanwhile, the YouCam augmented reality app announcement Friday, the chance for brands to showcase full step-by-step beauty tutorials of their star looks, complete with brushstroke overlay animation. The feature is intended to virtually educate customers on proper makeup application techniques and provide a one-of-a-kind makeup tutorial experience. He will debut September 12-14 with makeup artists at NYFW’s The Nolcha shows.

Tonight’s shows include Alice & Olivia, Coach, Eckhaus Latta, Christian Cowan and Brandon Maxwell. LaSette will be hosting an NYFW afterparty at Jimmy SoHo Rooftop starting at 6 p.m. ET.

4 questions with Alexandra O’Neill from Markarian

Markarian, who is named after a celestial group of stars, put on their first NYFW show in the brand’s 4-year history. It was rightly held in the Rainbow Room where guests were served G&T, martinis and 75 French cocktails.

What is the backdrop for the show and the venue today?
I wanted to deliver the experience of when someone comes into our West Village showroom. We wanted to make a show a little more intimate, and I wanted it to have a lingering Old World feeling. For the clothes, we went back [to more] whimsical and fantastic pieces that are beautiful, but still wearable. The Rainbow Room is covered in crystals, and no one loves crystals more than I do.

Since this is your first NYFW show, what does this moment mean to you?
We are rooted in New York and do it all [we produce] in the city. We strongly believe in supporting the Garment District and the wonderful craftsmanship that exists there. Being able to show off at New York Fashion Week and have a fashion show is amazing and exciting. It’s so nice to be able to support New York in an additional way.

Where did you get the inspiration for this collection?
I usually get a lot of inspiration from traveling and seeing different people in different places and architectures. Obviously travel was pretty limited so I looked for more local things. I watched a lot of old movies – it’s something I did growing up with my grandparents. My favorites are “High Society” and “The Philadelphia Story” and “The Maltese Falcon”. But also “How to marry a millionaire”, which is a reference for our show.

How are you going to celebrate or relax after the show?
I’m most likely just going to collapse and vegetate, to be completely honest.


“I don’t understand; why are these shoes in the show? We should have returned them. – an employee of Alice & Olivia behind the scenes


Many guests waited over an hour to enter the elevators to LaQuan Smith’s show on Thursday, after which several were sent home due to capacity. LaQuan Smith was the first designer to put on a show at the Empire State Building. Notable attendees included Kylie Jenner and Ciara, while models Barbara Palvin and Taylor Hill paraded the runway.

Actresses Kate Hudson and Hailee Steinfeld were spotted at the Michael Kors fashion show in the Theater District early Friday morning. Building on the theme of “urban romance,” Kors’ spring collection served as a love letter to New York City, according to the show’s notes. The odes in New York have been a ubiquitous theme in the wake of the devastating effects of Covid-19 and on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

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