Fashion accessories

4 fashion accessories to complete your elegant look


Everyone wants to look good. Knowing your personal style can help you face the world with confidence.

Nowadays, fashion has allowed men to express themselves through their outfits. In addition to your clothes, you should also think about complementing your dapper look with fashion accessories.

As such, here are four accessories you can consider:

Choosing and selecting a watch is deeply personal. A unique watch can polish your look and add personality to your style.

With so many makes and models on the market, you will be spoiled for choice. There are basically three main categories of watches: dress watches and sports watches.

Minimalist is the best way to describe a dress watch. It is often considered a classic with its simple watch face and is almost always paired with leather straps.

Traditionally, dress watches were generally worn with tailored suits. However, with all things fashion, the lines of tradition are now blurred with smart casual wear. Hence, you will have no problem pairing your dress watch with your casual clothes.

Sports watches are generally defined by their multifunctional characteristics and durability. These are generally for the adventurer who likes to look fashionable while being practical.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose either digital or mechanical watches. They come in different styles and designs. You can start your collection with a universal entry watch.

Completing a watch with your clothes can be simple. Consider matching an element of your outfit. For example, if you wear cufflinks, match the metallic element in it. So try to match gold with gold and silver with silver. This will give you a cleaner overall look.

Bracelets are great alternatives to watches. From metal chains and pearls to leather bands and anchor ropes, there are endless choices to choose from. It’s no wonder that many celebrities and male influencers have taken to wearing bracelets to complete their stylish looks.

There are still rules that apply when wearing bracelets. When choosing the right bracelets, you should consider the following:

Fashion is about getting the right fit. The same goes for getting the right size for your hands. Generally, if you have larger wrists, go for bigger bracelets and smaller bracelets for smaller wrists.

Just like when wearing a watch, you don’t want your bracelets to be too loose and risk falling out of your hands. However, you also don’t want it to be so tight that it cuts off traffic. The important thing is that it sits comfortably above your wrists.

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The aesthetics of a bracelet depends on your personal preferences.

Different materials give different vibrations. If you are looking for a more classic look that goes well with a tailored suit, metal bracelets would be more appropriate. Beaded bracelets are more versatile and stylistic. If you go for the rugged vintage look, your best bet would be to wear a leather strap.

Stacking bracelets or going solo is, again, a very personal choice. If you prefer to wear just one bracelet, choose one that matches your outfit.

There are more nuances when it comes to layering your bracelets. You can mix and match bracelets of different materials or stick with the same material of different colors and sizes. The desired result is to create something unique that reflects your personality.

There has long been a “debate” among belt and suspender aficionados about which is the best option. Why not the two of them?

While the belts wrap around your waist to keep your pants in place, the suspenders keep the pants in place by distributing the weight over your shoulders. They are two functional and elegant pieces that should not be worn together.

A belt tends to divide the look of your outfit in half horizontally, while suspenders provide a more elongated, seamless finish to your overall physical appearance. Both the waistband and shoulder straps are suitable for both casual and formal environments.

The rule of thumb when wearing any of these accessories is to make sure the color or material matches the shoes. So, if you wear a pair of leather shoes, choose to wear a leather belt or suspenders.

Socks are the underdog of fashion statements. In addition to being a functional piece that warms your feet and wicks away your sweat, they can become centerpieces when done right.

Some tips to remember:

  • Wear dress socks with dress shoes. Never wear athletic socks with dress shoes as these socks are made of thicker material and will pack into the shoes.
  • Don’t roll or fold your socks around your ankles.
  • Pair fun and eye-catching socks with a monochrome outfit. The sudden pop of color under your pants as you walk or sit down lends a suave feature to your style.


Create a look that speaks of style and fashion is all about putting the looks together. More does not mean better. You don’t want to appear to be doing too much. Just add one or two accessories, taking into account the colors to embellish your look.