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Victoria Beckham launches her fashion site saying: “I’ve been working on this for a very long time”

The designer now has, so you can shop for expensive dresses without even leaving home. We scoured the new website at length today … She’s been tweeting previews all week, and now Victoria Beckham’s official website for her fashion line has launched – so we can pretend we can afford the £ 800 dresses […]

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The surrealist creations of Hiroko Nakajima – The Upcoming

Hiroko Nakajima’s surrealist fashion designs March 20, 2013 After earning BA and MA degrees from world-famous Central Saint Martins, London designer Hiroko Nakajima was doomed to success. Originally from Tokyo, Hiroko has always had a keen interest in fashion. But it’s the use of color and surreal qualities in her clothing that really sets her […]