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15 fashion brands that donate their profits to organizations protecting reproductive rights

When describing its brand via its website, Bliss and Mischief states, “Playful, forward-thinking, yet fueled by a soulful nostalgia, Bliss and Mischief is dedicated to creating with an open mind, keen attention to detail and a hands-on commitment to classic American craftsmanship.” Looking at the impeccable skill and effort put into each piece, it’s obvious that its mission statement is accurate.

In 2016, after the election, the Los Angeles-based clothing brand held a holiday sale with 15% of all proceeds going to organizations including Planned Parenthood. Founder Hillary Justin told Vogue, “After this year’s election, there was no way for me to do business as usual, and therefore find a way to use the company to give back has helped me find a powerful way forward.”

She continued, “We allow our clients to choose from a small selection of organizations that we choose because of their immediate needs, such as the Standing Rock Sioux, or their ability to impact government. That makes me makes me so happy to see orders coming with the various causes being supported, and is a profound reminder of how we can make real change based on where we choose to spend our money.”