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14 fashion brands that upcycle, resell or upcycle your old clothes

Raising awareness of the end of life of our wardrobe and educating consumers on how to properly recycle fashion is essential for a more sustainable future for the industry. In 2018 alone, Americans threw more than nine million tons of clothing and shoes in landfills across the country, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Luckily, sites like The RealReal, Fashionphile, and Depop make it easy to buy and sell high-end second-hand pieces. Many other sustainable fashion ready-to-wear and accessories brands are also setting up internal resources for customers using recycling, upcycling and reselling programs.

Check out some of our favorite brands that are helping to end fashion waste, promote circularity and provide great upcycling solutions for your summer closet cleaning.



(Image credit: ThredUP)

Since its launch in 2009, ThredUP has handled over 125 unique pre-owned items and accepts over 35,000 brands in 100 categories at all price points. Their three-step process makes cleaning your closet easier than ever. Order your cleaning kit, fill it with your unwanted parts, and drop it off in the mail for ThredUP credit or cash.

Log with ThredUP


MATE The label

(Image credit: MATE The Label)

Australian brand MATE the Label has just launched an in-house recycling program, ReMATE. The brand accepts pre-loved MATE styles that will be deconstructed and re-spun into a new yarn to create garments for MATE’s upcycled product line.

Recycle with reMATE

For days

For days

(Image credit: for days)

For Days’ innovative recycling program is one of a kind with its $20 Take Back bag. Fill it with clothes and linens of any brand, style or fabric, send it back, and For Days will do the rest. Along with its recycling partners, the brand will determine whether to recycle items into waste fiber and insulation or resell them. Since their launch, they have sold over 35,000 bags and diverted 170,000 pieces of clothing from landfills.

Recycle with For days

Second Life by Parade


(Image credit: Parade)

Underwear brand Parade has partnered with Terracycle to launch the Second Life by Parade recycling program. The brand will take any brand, type or style of underwear bottoms and break them down into raw materials using Terrcycle’s innovative recycling processes, resulting in materials like housing insulation. All you have to do is request your free Second Life by Parade biodegradable package online or at their New York store and gather your clean underwear to send!

Recycle with Second Life by Parade

Repeat girlfriend

three girls running in girlfriend collective rooms

(Image credit: Girlfriend Collective)

Girlfriend Collective’s core fabrics include recycled polyester, cotton industry waste, and recycled nylon, so it’s no surprise that they also have a recycling program. All you have to do is send your old Girlfriend Collective pieces back to the brand. They will recycle them into new gear and give you credits for new Girlfriend Collective items.

Recycle with Repeat girlfriend

Full Circle by Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman

(Image credit: Mara Hoffman)

Full Circle marks another step towards a closed-loop business model for Mara Hoffman. Their peer-to-peer marketplace allows customers to buy and sell pre-loved items from the brand at a lower price.

resell with Full Circle by Mara Hoffman



(Image credit: Knickey)

Used underwear and socks often end up in the trash because most clothing donation centers won’t accept them. Organic cotton lingerie brand, Knickey, accepts them with its revolutionary recycling program. Buy a shipping label (don’t worry, you’ll get your money back in underwear) and send your clean lingerie to the brand’s recycling team. Gently used bras will be sterilized and donated to communities in need!

Recycle with Knickey

another tomorrow

another tomorrow

(Image credit: Another Tomorrow)

Another Tomorrow’s authenticated resale platform is a seamless way to keep the brand’s modern and timeless pieces in circulation. Just scan the QR code on the label, choose cash or store credit, ship it to their store, and get paid once it sells out!

resell with another tomorrow

Skinny closet by Cuyana


(Image credit: Cuyana)

Cuyana’s in-house reselling program, Cuyana Revive, allows customers to buy and sell used Cuyana parts using Archive’s peer-to-peer reselling technology. Beyond their in-house resale platform, the brand has partnered with ThredUP to provide another easy method to keep their products in circulation.

resell with Cuyana Lean Closet



(Image credit: EILEEN FISHER)

Since 2009, Eileen Fisher has collected more than 1.5 million pieces of clothing to resell, give away or turn into new items. On the site’s Renew page, you can also shop pre-loved, high-quality wardrobe essentials for as low as $25.

resell with Eileen Fisher renew

NET-A-PORTER x Reflaunt

Net-a-Porter Resale Program

(Image credit: Net-a-Porter)

In partnership with Reflaunt, Net-a-Porter has created a marketplace for designer pieces, including ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes and accessories purchased from NAP or other retailers. The in-house team will list the items for you and offer you cash or NAP store credit with an additional 10% on all parts sold.

resell with NET-A-PORTER X Reflaunt

of boy

of boy

(Image credit: Boyish)

The Boyish Consignment Shop offers customers a peer-to-peer resale program and credit for brand new pieces. Is it easy?

resell with of boy

Communal changing room

Vestaire Collective Resale Program

(Image credit: Vestaire Collective)

Vestaire Collective’s native digital luxury resale platform is ideal for reselling your new and used designer pieces. All you have to do is upload images, product details, and desired prices for your items. Let the app do the rest!

Log with Cloakroom Collective

Clothing worn by Patagonia

Patagonia Worn Wear Program

(Image credit: Patagonia)

Patagonia’s circular marketplace, Worn Wear, accepts your used Patagonia gear in good condition and extends its life by repairing or reselling it. The brand will cover shipping costs and reward you with store credit. Patagonia explains that using a Patagonia product for just another nine months reduces its combined carbon, water and waste footprint by 20-30%.

Recycle with Clothing worn by Patagonia