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10 zero waste fashion brands

Textile waste is a huge problem in the fashion industry. It is believed that more than 300,000 used clothes end up in landfill every year.

In fact, the waste management charity, Wrap, claims that 5% of the UK’s total annual carbon and water footprint comes from the consumption of clothing.

Textiles then release methane, a greenhouse gas, when they begin to degrade. Not to mention that synthetic materials like polyester are made from plastic and take hundreds of years to decompose…

But it is not only the consumer’s responsibility to avoid textile waste. According to Fashion Revolution, the number of garments produced each year has doubled since 2000.

It is estimated that 92 million tons of textile waste are created each year in the fashion industry. Globally, only 12% of textiles used for clothing are recycled.

In addition to upcycling your clothes, the answer lies in brands that reuse and upcycle materials, whether it’s unused fabrics or upcycled old clothes.

The answer is zero waste fashion brands.

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1.Tom Adam

Tom Adam only produces small, limited-edition batches to avoid overproduction, warehouses and high fees.

They produce pajamas, underwear and swimwear with their unique styles for men and women.

Using sustainable materials designed to last, the brand encourages slow production of its products by supporting a circular economy.

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2. Herd

Snuggling up in a durable knit cardy has never been so inviting, that’s why we love Herd knitwear.

They use 100% fine English wool sourced from the North West of England, which has been made without toxic dyes, created locally to support farmers and use skilled craftsmen to line it all up into everyday comfortable garments.

Using natural wool for their sweaters, cardigans, hats, shorts and more means the wool can be reused and without any toxic dyes, it means the brand can support the circular economy.

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3. Jean MUD

With the circular economy at the forefront of this brand, they create sustainable jeans with just two materials – organic cotton and recycled cotton.

They use 40% recycled denim and fair trade processes to prevent their quality jeans from becoming waste.

It doesn’t stop there, they also collect old jeans or pre-loved denim items that are 96% cotton to recycle them into new products giving the customer €10 off their next purchase, so it is win-win.

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4. tonlé

Using reclaimed materials for all of their products, from tops to dresses, Tonlé is driven by three core values: being helpful, inclusive and honest to create its sustainable clothing.

They use unsold fabrics to reduce waste and use dyes without toxic chemicals so their garments support a zero waste philosophy.

They offer a resell option with their Open Closet where you can buy pre-loved Tonle items giving them a second chance.

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Re/Done is the champion of upcycling, creating new products from pre-worn pieces, originally starting with their vintage Levi range, extending the life of old clothes that would otherwise likely go to waste.

They also work with Hanes, recreating t-shirts into new products like sweatshirts, all with their own sustainable twist.

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6. Zero Waste Daniel

The clue might be in the name, but to dig a little deeper, this brand uses pre-consumer waste from the NYC garment industry, giving it another chance at life, along with other tough materials. to recycle that would otherwise end up in landfills.

They design genderless clothing, from tops, sweatshirts to shorts and joggers, as well as accessories.

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7. Study New York

Focused on the idea of ​​creating their products without waste, Study New York manufactures women’s clothing with sustainably sourced materials, using ethical productions and techniques to ensure that their garments are made with the environment in mind. both the environment and the people.

Their items range from dresses, shirts, tank tops and mittens suitable for mature, stylish women.

'study new york'

8. Bozena Jankowska

A London-based brand, Bożena Jankowska, creates unique clothes such as dresses, blouses and pants.

This brand sources most of its fabrics from suppliers where discontinued or vintage fabrics are available, so they don’t have to use raw or new materials.

Their products are classic commodities, which avoids production waste and overproduction.

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9. Palava

A proud brand of women’s and children’s clothing with a strong heritage, Palava manufactures clothing in small series to avoid waste and using a mix of natural or biodegradable materials such as wool and Tencel.

They reduce their environmental footprint by using their family-run factory in London, with the knits being expertly made in Turkey.

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10. For Days

More than just a fashion brand, For Days believes in zero waste with 100% of its products being recyclable, thinking about their design not only in the beginning, but also how they can be returned and reused when you’re done. with them.

We love their trade-in program which allows you to trade in old For Days clothing for credit that you can use when purchasing their products.

These returned products are then recycled into new ones, closing the loop and supporting a circular economy.

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