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Fashion experts say most people only take a few seconds to look at you and form an instant opinion based on your appearance. And your hair, watch, and shoes play a big part in deciding how much importance you place on personal style and grooming!

If accessories play an important role in a person’s personal style and attire, then it would be useful to pay the utmost attention to them on a daily basis to develop a signature style or to be “fashionable” with the trends. of the season when you are among the people. So there is enough reason to work hard on your accessories to release the favorable impression you want.

It is said that “a woman appropriates an outfit by adding accessories that she likes”. Accessories aim to enhance the effect of the clothes you wear, but whether or not they are successful depends on your sense of style, the fashion trend at that time and the occasion for which you are wearing them.

Popular accessories range from anklets, belts, bracelets and watches to handbags, umbrellas and now even face masks. People love a variety of accessories which include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, handkerchiefs / scarves, shoes / sandals, hats / hair clips, handbags / clutch bags, socks and shoes. stockings, veils and stoles, rings and pendants, as well as helmets and luggage. Invisible accessories of course include perfumes, deodorants and body sprays that provide a sensory signature on their arrival.

Bangles, bracelets, brooches

Bangles and bracelets have been fashion accessories worn around the wrist since time immemorial. From tribes to independent women of the new age, all have always cherished the trinkets they wear around their wrists. The difference between a bangle and a bracelet is that a bangle is more rigid than a bracelet while a bracelet is more fluid and can accommodate a variety of styles, from a simple set of links (as in a chain) to chunky thongs, beads and what have you got. Bangles and bracelets come in countless forms in a woman’s collection because one or two is never enough. Brooches and pins, on the other hand, are traditionally used as fasteners to hold folds of fabric together. However, these have evolved as decorative accessories to enhance the look of an otherwise simple outfit. Pins, when attached with an ornament on top, become brooches. They also serve as fasteners to any other decor attached to her attire, such as a wreath of flowers or ferns.

Coin purses, pouches, handbags

The handbag, clutch, clutch or purse has always been one of the most popular accessories without which many women simply cannot go outdoors. While some have the whole world in their purses, others carry essentials, from makeup bags to emergency medications in small purses / pouches. In fact, unlike men, not all women like to walk with their hands free, which is why the purse comes to their rescue. Handbags and clutch bags also reflect personal style, as well as taste – they also indicate the social status as well as the state of mind of the individual. So, women are very careful in choosing these accessories because they say a lot about their own personality.

Masks, gloves, headbands

While some people have always had a penchant for face masks, gloves, headgear and scarves, these have now become necessary parts of their attire, given the current pandemic. Above all, the face mask has established itself as an essential fashion accessory which is now tailor-made to meet varied tastes. Gloves too, in cotton, silk, wool and leather have always been a style statement for some. However, these have now become essential accessories for many people. The headdress or head covering is an accessory that may have religious or cultural connotations in different countries but now they have become indispensable for people of all cultures.

Watches and shoes

Although they are worn at two different ends on the upper and lower extremities, watches and shoes have always been an important part of an individual’s style quotient. There are people who have analyzed the total personality of a person by taking a look at the watch and the shoes worn. And rightly so, they are available in countless designs and to fit pockets of all sizes, giving a clear indication of personal taste as well as status. The brand of your watch and your shoes seems to determine where you rank on the social ladder. However, some people care more about creativity and comfort level, rather than value and esteem, when choosing their watches or shoes, and these can make social barometers dizzy.

My style…

Areej al Balushi

My favorite accessory would be a classic bag, like the Chanel bag, as it can complement any style. It is a timeless piece.

Emily shotter

I probably never go out without cat fur… it’s the new trend! And of course, none of my outfits are complete without her (I have a few pet cats at home). I have no “vice” accessory that I cannot live without. Every day and every outfit is different for me.

Dr Mary Ann

My favorite accessories are scarves and brooches. The scarf is versatile and creates an air of formality with a fancy mask, brooch or bow, depending on the occasion. The brooch adds an air of sophistication to any outfit – its design and color create a story. My wardrobe is incomplete without a collection of scarves and brooches.

Azra Alem

My favorite accessory is my handbag. I have several and I often mix them with my outfits. It is also an essential part of my attire as it contains other personal items like my phone, keys, etc. It’s basically like a mini emergency kit.

Shalini kumar

As an artist, it comes naturally to me to match my accessories to my outfit, whether Indian or Western. My favorite fashion accessory is the earrings. Without matching earrings, I feel incomplete, like something is missing. I feel very confident when I wear beautiful, matching earrings.

Deepti Rawal

My favorite fashion accessory is my handbag. It’s like a mini house for me – so useful for carrying all cosmetics, essentials, first aid drugs, extra masks, sunglasses, cash and credit cards, ID cards, cell phone and even more. In fact, I probably wouldn’t leave my house without my bag.