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Malawi: Unavailability of fabrics affecting prices and creativity of Malawian fashion models

Fashion design is one of Malawi’s fastest growing industries among young people.

However, the high prices of locally produced products have been an obstacle to the growth of the industry.

Speaking in separate interviews, three of Malawi’s top fashion designers attributed the challenge to the unavailability of high-quality fabrics in the country.

“The challenge of working in Malawi as a designer is the availability of fabrics, machinery and textiles. Due to these three points, your potential as a designer is limited when it comes to creativity. Personally, I am doing my best. to find items like materials in Malawi, ”said Beatrice Mabvuto, founder of Scorpii Clothing.

Scorpii Clothing has been featured at London Fashion Week 2015, African Fashion Festival 2017, Mzuzu Fashion Week 2018, African Fashion Festival 2018 and African Fashion Festival 2019 in Malawi.

In agreement with Beatrice, Pascal Kamanga of Kwacha Creatives said: “The challenge has always been the fabrics we use. Most of them are expensive because we buy from overseas.

In her remarks, Xandria of Xandria Fashions said: “Some of the challenges are sourcing most of the fashion materials outside of Malawi which is very expensive due to the lack of sufficient fashion resources in the country.

Xandria further bemoaned the lack of funding to participate in international fashion shows where the brand qualifies to perform.

“I qualify but don’t have enough funds to attend the shows. Like last year, I was invited to present at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Accra and African Fashion Week in London, but since I had no funding, I failed to present, ”said Xandria.

Xandria has dressed musicians and TV celebrities namely Kwesta Dakar (SA), Yolanda Vilakazi (SA), Busisiwe (SA), Dana Cody (USA), Demar (Colombia), Jeffrey Jewell (France) and others fashion houses like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Accra.

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