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Kendall Jenner hired as creative director of fashion website FWRD

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner added Creative Director to her resume after signing with luxury fashion label FWRD.

Kendall Jenner expands her CV after the keeping up with the Kardashians star has been appointed creative director of online luxury fashion brand FWRD. After recently launching her brand 818 Tequila, Kendall continues to propel her name into the fashion world by taking a step on the business side. Her new venture comes after she has spent years covering magazines, parading top catwalks, and being the face of a number of designer brands. In addition to her title of being one of the highest paid models, Kendall strives to elevate her net worth to new heights.

Just two months after launching her first solo business venture, Kendall is returning to her fashion roots. In July, sources claimed that Kendall’s 818 Tequila sold across the United States shortly after its official release. Kendall has spent the spring promoting her new business online through social media posts and official advertising. Despite her first commercial facing backlash for alleged cultural appropriation, Kendall still seems to prove that she can compete with some of the other celebrity names in the tequila industry. Now with a successful empire under her belt, KarJenner style, Kendall has already added another.

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During the week, FWRD announced that Kendall is their new Creative Director. It is the first leading role in fashion for the ten-year-old model. “I grew up loving fashion and have been incredibly fortunate to work with some of the brightest people in the business.“Kendall said in a statement, as reported by People. “As Creative Director of FWRD, I’m excited to help organize the site’s offering with emerging designers and brands.. “As part of her new role, Kendall will help the online luxury retailer organize the brands offered on the site as well as create personalized monthly editions. The reality star will also help with pitch, marketing , activation and partnership of the scenes posted on FWRDThe YouTube channel shows Kendall filming her first campaign. Clips show her looking at photos of select models on the website.

She expressed her hope to help shine a light on some emerging fashion designers looking for their big break. Hope somehow this is a chance to give more emerging creatives this kind of platform., “ Kendall said Vogue. “I work with a lot of people who inspire not only my haute couture but also my everyday choices. The digital space is also such an important tool for many creative people today, and it is certainly a window to the next generation of talent.. “ Now, with her latest business deal, in addition to her tequila company, Kendall is preparing to strengthen her portfolio and net worth. It’s a great look a year after the fashion industry was put on hiatus due to the pandemic.

Considering Kendall’s current pace, she seems to go from model to businesswoman at the right time. Very few models are able to maintain an active career after a certain age. At 25, Kendall expanded her modeling career into leadership roles that could still see her cover the world. Kendall would not be a member of the keeping up with the Kardashians family if she weren’t there to build her fortune. Kris Jenner taught him well.

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