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Fifteen Latinx fashion brands to discover during Hispanic Heritage Month – Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Five Latin American countries have independence days that fall on September 15; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. As a result, September 15 through October 15 marks National Hispanic Heritage Month.

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, I organized a collection of various brands owned by Latinx for each price range.

High price

  1. Cuyana

Founder (s): Karla Gallardo (Ecuadorian-American) and Shilpa Shah

Sale: classic minimalist clothing / accessories

Price range: $ 75 to $ 300

Available: In line

Favorite Item: Silk Wide Leg Cropped Trousers

Who Said You Can’t Have It All? Cuyana’s Wide Leg Cropped Pants combine the comfort of sweatpants with the refined look of dress pants. The loose pants have a wide elastic band and a high waist that pairs well with a fitted crop top or a neutral bodysuit for a cozy night out with friends.

  1. Esteban Cortazar x Desigual

Founder (s): Esteban Cortazar (Colombian-American)

Sale: Bold Tropical Print Clothing

Price range: $ 74 to $ 237

Available: Farfetch (digital luxury fashion retailer)

Favorite item: South Beach midi dress

This dress will make you want to travel the South Beach trend, as it is covered in a sophisticated patchwork of graphic prints filled with palm trees. Keep the accessories minimal as this dress will take all the attention away.

  1. Joanna ortiz

Founder (s): Joanna Ortiz (Colombian)

Sale: formal wear with dynamic design

Price range: $ 500 and up, discounted clothing available for $ 250 to $ 500 on Outnet

Available: Net to wear, Network

Favorite item: Dandyism Spice Cotton Eyelet Embroidery Peplum Dress

This is a beautiful burgundy lace-trimmed cocktail dress with ruffle cuffs. The silhouette flatters most body shapes as it narrows at the waist and flares at the hips, giving the illusion of a smaller waist.

  1. Pepa pombo

Founder (s): Pepa Pombo (Colombia)

Sale: Feminine blouses, skirts and dresses with romantic details

Price range: $ 240 USD – $ 900 USD

Available: In line

Favorite item: High Sade

This light blue one-shoulder knit blouse is suitable for almost any occasion. For a daytime look, wear it with black skinny jeans and brown ankle boots. For a more daring nighttime look, slip on a leather jacket.

  1. Casa Nortes

Founder (s): Unknown, but all pieces are handcrafted by a woman from the Raramuri workshop in Mexico

Sale: Feminine blouses, skirts and dresses with romantic details

Price range: 100 USD to 250 USD

Available: In line

Favorite item: The Mecha top in white wild flowers

This floral print blouse is made of breathable 100% cotton fabric and allows for fluid movement while remaining chic and elegant.

Moderate price

  1. Thalie Sodi

Founder: Thalia Sodi (Mexican)

Sale: Clothing / Accessories / Shoes

Price range: $ 20 to $ 120

Available: Macys, Amazon

Favorite item: Thalia Sodi Vada, Women’s Tall Closed Toe Boots

These tall boots are perfect for the new fall season. Stay trendy, warm and comfortable while strutting around campus.

  1. Pulaski

Founder (s): Fernando Amador (Mexican origin)

Sale: Quality Durable Vegan Leather Shoes

Price range: $ 25 to $ 75 USD

Available: In line

Favorite item: Camel Fiorella

These gorgeous camel-colored cactus leather sandals are sure to be a hit wherever you go. They have a square toe with a small chunky heel and intricately designed braided leather strap. Slip on these stylish sandals will enhance any casual outfit.

  1. Xio by Ylette

Founder (s): Ylette Luis

Sale: Simple and minimalist jewelry

Price range: $ 20 to $ 55

Available: In line

Favorite item: Linked bracelet

Charm any room with this glittering link bracelet in white gold plated brass.

  1. Alessandra palms

Founder (s): Alessandra Palms

Sale: Evening dress and nightwear

Price range: $ 40 – $ 250

Available: In line

Favorite Item: Paraiso handbag

This structured handbag incorporates indigenous craft techniques and a range of solar patterns.

  1. Camila Coelho Collection

Founder (s): Camila Coelho

Sale: Evening dress and nightwear

Price range: $ 40 – $ 250

Available: Turn

Favorite item: Davide blazer dress

This dress is the perfect blend of softness, sophistication and sensuality with its subdued nude color, fitted structure, padded shoulders, cropped hem and a pretty bow to top it off.

Low price

  1. Coco Peach Jewelry

Founder (s): Jessica Strang

Sale: Affordable Jewelry

Price range: $ 12 to $ 65

Available: In line

Favorite Item: Carolina Disc Earrings

Bring back the 70s style with these retro 14k gold plated disc earrings that will make you the star of the night.

  1. Lights label

Founder (s): Kathleen Lights

Sale: Shiny casual clothing and accessories

Price range: $ 20 to $ 100

Available: In line

Favorite Item: Muy comfortable sweatpants

Relax in style and comfort in these angular-length hot pink cotton sweatpants.

  1. Mundolatinx

Founder (s): Luna Diaz

Sale: T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps Proudly Latinx

Price range: $ 4 to $ 35

Available: Etsy store

Favorite Item: Smiley Face “Juntos” T-shirt

This tee has an adorable design; two smiley faces glued together with a small hand on each side. Underneath is a word “Juntos”, which in English means “strong”. It’s a great message to stay together as a community.

  1. Nalgona Positive store

Founder (s): Gloria Lucas

Sale: Graphic t-shirts and colorful accessories promoting body positivity

Price range: $ 5 to $ 99

Available: Etsy store

Favorite item: “Our bodies and our brown lives are sacred” racerback tank top

A message that will never be repeated enough. Make both a fashion and social justice statement with this top.

  1. The PolymatheLatina

Founder (s): Erika Hernandez

Sale: T-shirts with personalized slogans, stickers, printing and design

Price range: $ 22 to $ 32

Available: Etsy store

Favorite Item: Lavender sweatshirt “Chula and undisturbed” . For non-Spaniards, chula is slang for an attractive woman.

This unique sweatshirt is perfect for those lazy days when you’re preparing for a new show instead of studying for your next exam.

Samourra René can be contacted at [email protected].

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