Fashion accessories

Fashion accessories of the season

Fashion accessories of the season

The seasons change and so do the trends. Despite the pandemic-induced lockdown, fashionistas around the world have not allowed the virus to subside and have made a mark with their home fashion choices. While pajamas have become the bloggers’ new jacket, it’s the tiny changes in individual fashion choices that have become the season’s hottest staples. Denim jackets, flat gladiators, and DIY braided ponytails continue to be something everyone must have in their closet; there are also some accessories that now demand a place of choice in your wardrobe. You can easily complete your look with funky tie-dye heels or tops, these are the accessories that will dominate your look this spring.

We’ve been following style icons, fashion bloggers and celebrities closely and paying attention to the accessories they’ve been wearing for the past few months, paving the way for the next few months. From Alia Bhatt to Gigi Hadid, we’ve listed all the fashion accessories you need for the coming summer months.

Thick hoops

Hoops have always been in fashion. But this time around, it’s not the thin, regular silver hoops. It’s all about the chunky gold pieces that add that extra glam to any outfit. Alia Bhatt had recently gone for a tie-dye look in a rather dull color in shades of military green and blue. But it was those thick hoops that were an instant pick-me-up to her entire outfit.

Double rings

Yes, midi rings are still in vogue, but this time around, the fuss is not just about one ring but two. Whatever you choose, wear two. Whether it’s over sweatpants and a sports bra or an ensemble suit to work out, these double hoops can instantly add glamor to the most boring look to make you look like nothing less than a diva!

Chain Necklaces

Over the past decade we’ve probably seen it all! From superimposed pearls to large gold necklaces through pearls. But this time around, it’s minimalism that has invaded the fashion circuit. The thinner the better this time around. All you need are different types of string necklaces, or you can choose different pendants to go with your string necklaces and layer them neatly.

Ear cuffs

This trend has accelerated with the rise of K-Dramas during lockdown. On many shows, we’ve seen tall ladies go for simple studs and pair them with simple gold or funky earrings that look extremely daring. You can always modify the look with hoops or pendants and pair it with more than two ear cuffs.

Take a look on Instagram and you’ll find that almost everyone finds different ways to rock these accessories and trends. Take a lead and make a statement with these easily accessible accessories.

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