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Back to basics for the magnificent fashion creations of Aoife

What happens when you specialize in beautiful wedding dresses but no one gets married due to a global pandemic?

We diversify and that’s exactly what a local businesswoman did.

Well-known Ohpelia Bridal founder Aoife O’Broin has turned her talents to fashion design and creates stunning womenswear from her studio in Mornington.

“I opened Ophelia 12 years ago, and I had just decided to shut down the retail business and focus on the changes, when COVID hit, so I kept sewing, because it’s my absolute passion, and with my bright, sunny studio, I can work and see clients back home, says Aoife, who studied fashion design at Grafton Academy. starting the designs, I realized how much I loved it, and all of my clothes are designed and made from scratch, so customers know they are getting something special. ”

Aoife searches for the finest Irish linen to make her bespoke designs, and says it’s not only wonderful to work with, but looks fabulous!

“I saw a niche in the market for women in my age group – 45 and over – who still love stylish clothes, and they have very little left in Drogheda,” says Aoife, who is also a busy mom from Eoin (7). “Age is not a barrier to style, and there are also women out there who find a style that suits them can be difficult, and I love helping them find out what makes them beautiful.”

Aoife’s mother, Margaret, was also a talented dressmaker and her father Liam is a renowned artist, so she didn’t, as they say, lick the floor!

“I watched mum at home when I was a kid, and that’s a great skill to have, and of course a lot of people know my dad’s artwork, so I think I must have gotten the design from him, “she laughs. “I really want to create something different and unique for the women of Louth and beyond, so I hope I do now.”

Aoife says his pieces are designed to be classic and stand the test of time.

“I think that at our age, women should invest in key pieces and leave disposable fashion to teenage girls,” she adds. “You can then style them differently, and I’ve also designed a lot of designs to be easy to put on and take off, especially if you have difficulty moving around or with buttons or zippers. ”

Aoife always changes wedding dresses for those big days when they can happen again, but for now you can find her unique designs on her new website

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