Direct loans

A popular form of lending in Poland is direct credit, which appears in the offers of many banks. You can really earn good money with this type of financial assistance, so it’s no wonder that bankers are urging potential customers to take advantage of this particular option. Such a cash loan has a very large

Can you trade a vehicle that is not fully paid?

If you are currently looking to trade your used vehicle for something new, more current or simply more relevant to your lifestyle, you probably have a lot of questions. Funds, negative funds, exchange value and how all this is calculated can be complicated, especially if you have never traded a vehicle or the one you

Car Financing Portions: See How They Calculate

Knowing how to calculate the interest rates on a vehicle finance is crucial if you intend to buy a car for this type of credit. Vehicle finance is one of the best credit options for buying a car. The latest reports from the Central Bank indicate that interest rates on a loan may vary by