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5 reasons famous fashion brands don’t last

The attempts are almost as weak as when they engage in music. Why is this so?

1. Lack of patience and consistency

Fame and notoriety can be deceptive. A large number of followers on Instagram doesn’t mean that people will automatically buy the clothes you offer.

If you are consistent over time, you become a brand, but most celebrities give in after the first sale. It is a common saying that Rome is not built in a day.

Fashion brands in other parts of the world are over 100 years old and passed down from generation to generation. The goal should be to build a solid business from scratch, not a pop-up corner store.

2. Poor quality

The internet is becoming a huge market and if you have quality designs and clothing, rest assured that people will patronize the brand.

A good example is Toke Makinwa’s bags and fashion accessories. These are quality bags and it brings in a lot of sales.

3. Bad marketing

Marketing is important in any business. Celebrities should market the clothes, shoes, or bags as if they weren’t. It’s still a startup, and they need to aggressively market it until you break even.

4. They don’t have a good team

Celebrities need to have a great design, personalization, marketing, and social media team. Having a fashion brand is a painstaking task and there are many processes involved.

It takes your time, focus, and a great, efficient team behind you. Hire only the best and pay them well.

5. The prices are outrageous

Well, there was a time when Temi Otedola released a collection with Orange Culture, but people were complaining online that it was too expensive, but that’s not even a fashion brand issue.

The most popular designers don’t make clothes for the average Nigerian. Their clothes are expensive and sometimes in dollars.

If your prices are very high, know that it is for a niche and not for everyone.

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