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A size UK10 cardigan is listed as XL on the Shein fast fashion site

“No wonder people feel insecure about their bodies”: Shoppers are shocked to see fast fashion site Shein advertising a size 10 loose cardigan as XL Shein has listed her DAZY Drop Shoulder Pocket Patched Cardigan in sizes UK 4-10 Twitter users blasted the China-based retailer for saying UK10 was an XL size Despite the backlash, […]

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BoT adds guidelines for debt consolidation

BoT adds guidelines for debt consolidation Move aims to reduce interest burden The Bank of Thailand (BoT) plans to implement additional guidelines for the debt consolidation program to help retail loan borrowers reduce interest rate charges. The BoT has prepared additional debt assistance options to help borrowers ease their debt burden amid the latest protracted […]

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15 Latinx-owned beauty and fashion brands to support now and forever

It is Latinx Hispanic Heritage Month, and an amazing way to celebrate this beloved culture is to support and amplify brands owned by Hispanic, Latin, Latino, and Latino people. This celebratory period runs from September 15 to October 15, and it’s the perfect time to explore everything from spellbinding beauty products to sleek fashion lines. […]

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30 items in my basket of fashion brands from the 90s and 2000s

While doing my average scroll on TikTok (for professional use, I promise!), I ran into a few trendy users posting about their fall finds at Abercrombie. I don’t know if this ages me that much, but when I hear Abercrombie I have flashbacks of trips to the mall after school and beg my mom to […]