Fashion accessories

This woman entrepreneur startup offers sustainable fashion accessories made from pineapple and cactus leaves

Arundhati Kumar – Founder of Beej Sustainability is at the heart of BEEJ, a brand founded by Arundhati Kumar in the field of accessories. The founder believes style and durability can and should coexist, and it is important to be aware, attentive and responsible even when no one is looking. “Sustainability is not a simple […]

Fashion designs

Back to basics for the magnificent fashion creations of Aoife

What happens when you specialize in beautiful wedding dresses but no one gets married due to a global pandemic? We diversify and that’s exactly what a local businesswoman did. Well-known Ohpelia Bridal founder Aoife O’Broin has turned her talents to fashion design and creates stunning womenswear from her studio in Mornington. “I opened Ophelia 12 […]