From The Land of Hairdos, Weddings, and Quinceañeras

Always exciting here at the complex.. Today I had my neighbor rushing in and out most of the day with curlers on her head. It was comical, but I gotta say when she left the house for the evening, girlfriend looked pretty fierce. Flawless makeup, great gown, and sexy heels! Her tiny son was adorable in his wee little suit. A night on the town, I wondered aloud. My friend informed it was more likely a wedding reception or Quinceañera.

In the two blocks surrounding me there are two reception-ish halls, one traditional and the other… well it’s part of our quaint downtown adjacent to many restaurants. Also there are for sure 3 churches (one of who’s bells toll very near) if not more. I had no prior knowledge of all this in my ‘hood were at least one neighbor seems like a drug dealer (what with all the short time visitors, 5 minutes per sale I figure..). I have to admit, its like 10 times more charming to me now. Not only Mexican food (namely rolled chicken tacos and Horchata for ME..) on every corner. No. Now there is glamour, romance, and odd women in curlers rushing about everywhere!

Now where is my brunette lil’ Honey Boo Boo?!?

Oh Geeze..

I am staring at the screen wondering what to write about.

I remember that feeling very well. However, if I am going to continue this blog I have to go back to my original rule.. I have to post *something* once a day. I know that I can’t just take pictures of my cats and post them up either. I liken that to a brilliant piece of #girlcode – don’t show me more than 3 pictures of your vacation.. I don’t care about your vacation or how “blue the water was”… Haha

But anyhow, I digress. It’s time to go and shower for my appointment later. Woot.